Messages from the Other Side


An Evidential Medium is gifted with the ability to interpret messages from souls who have passed. Since everything is really made of of energy, beings no longer in the physical sometimes use that energy to communicate with a medium. An evidential medium can pass along details from loved ones on the other side that the medium would have no earthly way of knowing.

For example, in one reading, Cynthia told a grieving mother that her son was in a beautiful red 1930’s style pick-up truck and was waving to her. The message seemed to be “I’m moving on, Mom, and so should you”.

The next day the Mother, who was so grateful to know that her son was fine on the other side, brought in a picture of his red, 1930’s pick-up truck. Cynthia had no way of knowing this, other than interpreting the message from the other side.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, connecting with an ethical evidential medium may ease your pain and give you hope.