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Cynthia-Beck-sedona-hypnotherapists-Sedona-86336Anxiety Is The #1 Reason People Seek Hypnosis

In a fast-paced world fueled by worry, many people experience free-floating anxiety, dread and even panic attacks.

The body’s autonomic nervous system’s fight or flight mechanism is designed to protect humans from danger. Today, many of us live with our fight or flight mechanism always on. Add a stressful life event, and anxiety can cripple our ability to function.

Hypnosis takes the body out of fight or flight, on purpose. Cynthia gives you simple ways to reduce the level of stress and anxiety and tenseness in your body. Suggestions specific to your situation will help you learn to think better-feeling thoughts and cope with stress without medication.

Whatever the cause of your anxiety, hypnosis will provide you with relief.

Public Speaking

Anxiety PhotoIt is the number one phobia. And there’s a good reason for that. In the wild, when you are being watched, you can feel the eyes on you, and you are prey.

Speaking to an audience puts you in fight or flight. Hypnosis teaches you how to use this state to your advantage.

Cynthia is an award winning speaker who uses her 20 years of experience in talking to groups to assure you speak easily and comfortably.



Cynthia Beck MH Overcome the Fear of Driving“Rachel was desperate. She was involved in a minor traffic accident. After that, she was unable to enter the freeway, drive over bridges, or merge in traffic without overwhelming anxiety.

After only three sessions, Rachel was again free to travel anywhere she wanted. In her last session, she reported the freedom and beauty of driving over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time in years!”

Hypnosis removes the circular scary images and fearful thoughts that create panic. In a comfortable, relaxed setting you’ll gain control over your anxiety and regain the freedom to go where you wish.

Cynthia Beck MH Overcome the fear of FlyingFLYING

Of the 810 million commercial airline passengers who flew in the United States in 2012, all lived.

Flying is safe. If you suffer from a fear of flying, small spaces or TSA agents, flying can be excruciating.

Hypnosis eliminates the fear of flying. It prepares you to travel with a sense of confidence and eases and teaches you how to relax and enjoy the ride.


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