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Soul Moving Sessions

Spiritual Connection

Through hypnosis, clients enjoy a profound connection with their own spirituality. They easily connect with their deepest wisdom, peace and knowledge. Many have positive, life-changing experiences with spiritual connection.

Science is discovering more about the brain and how it operates daily. The old belief that consciousness is located only in the brain, and when that expires, conscious ceases.

Neuroscientist and professor of neurology at the University of Oregon, Marjorie Hines Wolllacott, Phd is one of many scientists researching spiritual consciousness. Her book “Infinite Awareness, examines evidence of past lives, consciousness after death, and lucidity with a clinically dead brain.

It appears that rather than being the creator of consciousness, the brain is actually the receiver of it. Slowing the brain waves through hypnosis allows you to access information otherwise imperceptible.

The unconscious mind truly has all the answers. Let Cynthia lead you down the path to yours.

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