Adopted in February of 2023, Good Dog Karma was born into an awful dog hoarding situation near Tucson, AZ. There were more than 100 dogs in the freezing cold. She and her two siblings were found in a chain link cage, frozen to feces.

Feeling the need for canine companionship, I wandered a dog rescue event in Phoenix, and there was little Karma. I was told she was fully grown, at 11 pounds, but she has literally tripled since then. She is motivated by food, shy but curious, and still a bit skittish.

We have been working with a dog trainer for several months. Karma has become friendlier and now understands several commands. We are working towards getting her certified as a therapy dog.

She sits quietly in her bed next to my chair during sessions. She loves the soothing sounds of hypnosis and generally takes a nap. I ask all my clients to give her a treat I provide so she has no fear of them. Most people enjoy her company.

While I keep the office clean, if you are allergic or afraid of dogs, it is better for us to work together over Zoom.