Spiritual Journeys


Spiritual Connection

Cynthia will help you answer your deepest, most confusing questions about religion and spirituality to show you the path to your personal connection with God. Learn to easily bond with your deepest wisdom, peace and knowledge. You may experience a profound stillness, a meeting with a guide, loved one or ascended master and know yourself as light and love.

Contract Release

Souls create contracts with each other in a current lifetime to achieve a goal, clear karma or a carry out a mission. You may have agreements with parents, children or exes that need reframing or complete termination. Reviewing soul contracts provides insight into why things happened and how contracts can be rewritten to release negative aspects in relationships or situations. A miraculous process for letting go of harmful relationships.

Integrating Aspects of Yourself

Aspects of our universal conscious or archetypes can become dominant in our personalities causing imbalance. Carl Jung theorized that sub-personalities are an important part of the sub-conscious. Clients hold a meeting with the most active parts of themselves, e.g., Victim, Wounded Healer, Child, Critic, Accountant, etc. Each aspect expresses what it needs to live in harmony with the others. This technique intensifies and integrates personality traits in need of healing.

Create an Inner Sanctuary

It’s serene. It’s sacred. It’s safe. You will be led to establish a place in your inner world where you can rest, restore, listen, heal and deepen. Your sanctuary will hold all your thought, emotions and prayers in a quiet, uplifting place you can go to whenever you want.


Hypnosis is the practice of focusing thought. Meditation is the practice of letting go of thought.
If anyone has everyone said to you “Just let it go” learning to meditate will teach you HOW to let go. Meditation lets you learn to drop thoughts, negative or positive, and find a deep calm. It reverses the neurology of negative thinking. It doesn’t have to be practiced as a ritual, at a certain time of day, or for a certain length of time. Meditation can be done waiting in the doctor’s office, on a five-minute break from work, or even while walking. Cynthia is well versed with many types of meditation. She’ll help you find the right one for you.

Guided Meditation

Carl Jung established that mind loves metaphor and symbolism. A professionally guided meditation takes you to the deepest part of yourself. Uncover limiting beliefs, work with sub-personalities and archetypes, release your shadow, rescue an inner child or simply create a vivid sanctuary where you experience safety and comfort. Cynthia creates each guided experience specifically for you and tailors the session to meet your needs.