Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Spiritual Connection

Through hypnosis, you enjoy a profound connection with your own spirituality. You easily connect with your deepest wisdom, peace and knowledge. Positive, life-changing experiences with spiritual connection are a common outcome.

Science is discovering more about the brain and how it operates daily. The old belief that consciousness is located only in the brain, and when that expires, conscious ceases.

Neuroscientist and professor of neurology at the University of Oregon, Marjorie Hines Wolllacott, PhD, is one of many scientists researching spiritual consciousness. In her book, Infinite Awareness, she examines evidence of past lives, consciousness after death, and lucidity with a clinically dead brain.

It appears that rather than being the creator of consciousness, the brain is actually the receiver of it.  Slowing the brain waves through hypnosis allows you to access information otherwise imperceptible.  The unconscious mind truly has all the answers.  Let Cynthia lead you down the path to yours.

Spiritual Connection

Adventures Through Time

Past Life Regression

Deep hypnotic trance is used to activate memories, images and sensations from other incarnations. You review emotional events you may have not released and leaves them in the past. Exploring the death transition helps relieve the fear of death. A Past Life Regression can help you make sense of a current trauma, difficult relationship or health problem. Let Cynthia guide you on this fascinating journey.

Life Between Lives

Based on Dr. Michael Newton’s work, you will undergo hypnotic techniques that take you back to your time in the spirit world. Discover your own after life adventures that include your soul companions and guides, and learn the purpose for your present incarnation. This journey includes a past life experience with answers to your questions about the afterlife, why you are here, and where you have journeyed before. Cynthia adeptly leads you on a deeply transformational inner journey.

Future Life Progression

Here you connect with powerful aspects of yourself in future lives. Knowledge, hidden strengths and future successes are experienced, providing confidence in the present life. Advanced knowledge of future gifts helps you to guide your journey to the most fulfilling life possible.