Spiritual Healing

Rescue Your Inner Child

The tenderest parts of our spirit are sometimes unknown to us. The inner child holds the key to repetitive patterns, self-criticism and self-love. Einstein proved that time is relative. Going back in time through hypnosis to the traumatizing experience gives you the opportunity to reclaim your power, heal the wound and protect the most vulnerable part of your psyche. A potent tool for freeing lost personal power.

Deepening Self-Love

It’s easy to love and take care of others, especially if you are the family caregiver. Self-Love and self-care are often the last things on our list or the most difficult to realize. Persistent low self-image or negative feedback snatches your joy. Cynthia will show you how to stop automatic negative thoughts, create good energetic boundaries, and healthy nurturing habits.

Releasing Cords and Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires making you tired?
Cords in your energy body can keep you focused on a bad relationship, or make it hard to let things go. Clearing cords and attachments releases your energy back for your use. Cynthia will clear your energy with Reiki and crystals as she shows you how to move and protect your energy yourself.

Fire Your Inner Fault-Finder

It’s that negative voice in your head. It tells you you’re fat, you’re ugly, and you’re not good enough. It judges other people and nit-picks at everything that isn’t perfect. The reptilian brain wants to protect us from things that hurt us in the past, or could hurt us in the future. It is a natural part of brain function, but it can drive your self-esteem into the dirt. A pleasant and powerful session that transforms your inner critic into an inner encourager. You’ll leave with practical tools to master positive self-talk.

Love Your Shadow Self

Our attempts to bottle up feelings of guilt, shame and anger trigger destructive behavior towards ourselves and others. These toxic emotions and experiences become our Shadow Self, the part of us we deny. In a gentle meditation, you become familiar with your Shadow Side and integrate it into healthier aspects of your personality, changing life-long negative behaviors.


Hypnosis is the practice of focusing thought. Mediation is the practice of letting go of thought.
If anyone has said to you “Just let it go,” learning to meditate will teach you HOW to let go. Meditation lets you learn to drop thoughts, negative or positive, and find a deep calm. It reverses the neurology of negative thinking. It doesn’t have to be practiced in a ritual, at a certain time of day, or for a certain length of time. Meditation can be done waiting in the doctor’s office, on a 5 minute break from work, or even while walking. Cynthia is well versed with many types of meditation. She’ll help you find the right one for you.

Guided Meditation

Carl Jung established that mind loves metaphor and symbolism. A professionally guided meditation takes you to the deepest part of yourself. Uncover limiting beliefs, work with sub-personalities and archetypes, release your shadow, rescue an inner child or simply create a vivid sanctuary where you experience safety and comfort. Each guided experience is created specifically for you and tailored to meet your needs.