Hypnosis improves your health because it is a state of profound relaxation where you can concentrate on making desired changes. Through the mind/body connection, you can visualize healing, reduce pain and promote health. Medical uses for hypnosis include:

Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book “The Biology of Belief” states, “Almost every major illness has been linked to chronic stress”. Stress is the engagement of the nervous system in fight or flight. Overwork, relationships, technology, financial burdens all cause stress.

Healthy Eating


Hypnosis can assist with acute or chronic pain because it helps the body release pain blocking endorphins. Visualization and imagery aid patients in tuning out chronic pain.


High Blood Pressure

Chronic stress causes the body to constantly redirect blood flow to respond to perceived emergencies, thus causing blood pressure to rise. The deep relaxation of hypnosis can provide immediate relief, help patients lose weight, enjoy exercise and reduce blood pressure without medications.



Deep relaxation and positive suggestions can improve sleep patterns, help you sleep through the night and have a restful night’s sleep. If your partner’s snoring is keeping you awake, hypnosis can restore a full night’s sleep to you both.



Allergies are made worse by thoughts and habit patterns. Hypnosis helps the body restore itself to a pre-allergic state.


Preparation for Surgery

Positive suggestions can help you prepare for surgery and dental work so you can heal faster and experience less pain. Many hospitals include guided visualization as part of their preoperative processes.

“My visits with Cynthia give me clarity, confidence and validation – something I have needed for a very long time. Cynthia’s work has helped much more than traditional therapy. A great amount of healing has been happening for me.”