Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

transpersonal hypnotherapyUnlike simple medical hypnosis, transpersonal hypnotherapy treats the body, the emotions and the spirit together. The patient and the therapist collaborate to design an individualized treatment approach.

Techniques include:

  • guided imagery active
  • imagination interactive
  • trance and spiritual work

Transpersonal therapy more deeply addresses personal change and life issues and creates lasting change.

Using Transpersonal Hypnotherapy To Support Well Being

Under hypnosis many people experience a sense of universal oneness. Once this state is achieved, you can find deeper solutions and healing.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy can help in these ways:

  • Quiet your inner critic
  • Access trusted source/inner wisdom
  • Discern life’s purpose
  • Negotiate life’s transitions
  • Confront shadow personalities
  • Integrate sub-personalities
  • Experience past lives
  • Eliminate fear of death
  • Achieve work/life balance
  • Enhance prayer/meditation