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“I recently had a session of hypnotherapy and mediumship with Cynthia and she is AMAZING! Definitely the real deal. I left feeling so much lighter and more hopeful and inspired moving forward with the difficulties in my life. She is such a kind soul and is so worth a visit. Very transformative. Thank you for everything Cynthia!!”  – C.I. 2021

Cynthia is a warm caring practitioner.  I had a wonderful healing experience and, given the opportunity, would definitely go back.  She offers many services and determined hypnotherapy would best help me.  Boy, was she right. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this relaxed, clear, or open.” — Trip Advisor-Gateway 2018



MEDICAL Hypnotherapy

With the help of a qualified hypnotherapist, you can alleviate a myriad of medical and psychological ailments including chronic pain, allergies, insomnia and more.

Controlling Anxeity

Hypnosis is a state of profound relaxation where you can concentrate on making desired changes, e.g., smoking, weight loss, anxiety, phobias …


Release cords, fire your fault-finder, rescue your inner child, love your shadow self, detach energy vampires, dispel limiting beliefs and much more.


Magical Sedona is surrounded by Red Rock Mountains famous for their spiritual energy. It’s the perfect place to recharge, revamp and reconnect.


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Cynthia’s approach is caring, innovative and practical. You can learn to manage your stress, change habits and enjoy your life.

This was such a great experience! I went in fairly troubled about something that had happened recently, and the first session we worked on that specifically. Cynthia spends a lot of time getting you to evaluate how you think about things, and how you can put a positive spin on what you might perceive as a negative situation.