You’re Not Crazy! Exploring Paranormal Experiences

It’s common for people to have experiences that they hesitate to share with others, fearing that they may be perceived as irrational.

Some of these experiences could include witnessing a ghost, encountering a UFO, or having visions of the future that later come true. It’s also possible that you might have received a message from a loved one who has passed away, either through a dream, meditation, or a visual.

In a nurturing and secure environment, Cynthia works with people who have had all types of anomalous personal experiences including extraordinary states of consciousness, spiritual phenomena, encounters with non-human entities or UAPS, and psychic and metaphysical phenomena.

Are you ready to unlock the mysteries behind some of the most amazing experiences? Cynthia has a wealth of knowledge in the field of science and will assist you. She’s dedicated to helping you understand the science behind these experiences and showing you how to

incorporate them into your everyday life easily. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and transformation!

This session includes:

-An enlightening discussion of your experiences and the scientific theories behind why you have them.

-Hypnosis to help you better understand your experience.

-A list of reading references and associations so you know you’re not alone.

You’ll come away with the validation, understanding, and knowing that you are pretty sane.