Hypnosis has been clinically proven to be more effective than acupuncture or harmful addictive pain meds because the power of hypnosis resides mainly in the patient. Medical hypnosis stimulates beneficial change even in difficult cases. Often this change occurs quickly, and sometimes it appears in unexpectedly beneficial ways. Working with your medical treatment, hypnotherapy can mitigate pain, eliminate allergies, help with pregnancy and infertility and create healing.

Chronic Pain

Hypnosis induces a feeling of anesthetic for chronic pain essentially using the body’s natural endorphins to reduce pain.

Conditions that respond positively to hypnosis include:

Back pain
Knee pain
Rotator cuff pain
Migraine headaches
Tooth pain
Menstrual pain
And many other conditions


Chemotherapy, pregnancy and some essential medications can cause debilitating nausea. Hypnosis works to dilate blood vessels, reduce muscle tension, distract focus and induce deep breathing, reducing uncomfortable sensations and stomach trauma.


You don’t want to take sleep medications, but you wake up alert at the wrong time. You lie in bed running your undone to-do list, relationship issues, worrying about how tired you are going to be in the morning. The worry has now induced stress hormones into your body, making it nearly impossible to fall asleep.

Reduce Blood Pressure

When your muscles constrict and your blood vessels are tightened, blood pressure increases. Cortisol and adrenaline further constrict blood flow and your blood pressure rises. The serene experience of hypnosis reduces muscle tension and vascular constriction, immediately lowering blood pressure. Hypnotic suggestions can keep your body from reacting in situations that used to upset and trigger you.

Skin Conditions

Warts, rashes and even psoriasis can be cleared with hypnosis.  A 17-year old boy’s mother called me after trying every suggestion her dermatologist suggested. Her son had just begun dating. He had an embarrassing, stubborn wart on his hand. After our one session, she called me, amazed. The wart had disappeared in a few days!


The trees bloom and you sneeze! Your auto immune is confused. It is reacting to a harmless environmental substance as if it is dangerous. There was a time when your body didn’t react to the allergen, and hypnosis can help it remember it. Hypnosis restores your body’s ability to recognize what is dangerous and what is safe. It reduces symptoms and erases the need for medications or shots.

Surgery Prep Hospitalizations are stressful, even for the most successful surgeries. Pre-surgery hypnosis eliminates anxiety, reactions to anesthetic, promotes healing and dials down the pain. Purchase a recording to take with you to the hospital and reinforce suggestions and make your experience pleasant.

Improve Memory

Neuroscientists at Harvard showed that people who use hypnosis had measurably thicker tissue in the left prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain important for processing memory and cognitive retrieval. If you misplaced something specific, hypnosis will help you remember exactly where you put it.