Weight Loss

A variety of freshly chopped vegetables and fruits, including carrots, cucumbers, apples, and parsley, on a wooden cutting board.

Find And Easily Maintain Your Perfect Weight?

Weve all done it.   Eaten until our stomachs want to burst. Grabbing a fat-filled, fast food burger because its easier. Promised ourself we would go on that diet, after we finish this last….pizza…..loaf of bread…..or 1lb bag of peanut M&Ms.

Perhaps you’ve started weight loss programs with good intentions. Done well for a while, and then slipped back into your old comfort food habits, all the while berating yourself for being weak.

Stress eating, in all its forms, is alleviated with hypnosis. Understanding your triggers, taking control of your appetite, reducing your stress in healthy ways, eating mindfully and banishing your inner critic  will boost your compliance to any healthy eating program.


Hypnotherapy helps you:

  • Learn to love healthy foods
  • Enjoy activities that burn calories
  • Eliminate Stress Eating
  • Identify Eating Triggers
  • Stop Limiting Beliefs
  • Appreciate Your Body
  • Eliminate Cravings
  • Reach and Maintain Your Goal

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Cynthia’s approach is caring, innovative and practical. You can learn to manage your stress, change habits and enjoy your life.