Past Life Regression

Are they real, or is it just your subconscious creating images?

While there is ample anecdotal evidence of past lives, it doesn’t really matter. A journey to a past experience can release you from emotional pain, help heal physical limitation and make sense of current relationships.

Past life journeys help you leave nagging problems in the past and bring your best qualities into the present. They are interesting, profound and transformative.

Everyone has some kind of experience regardless of their belief systems. Plan for at least a two hour session.

Past Life

A Past Life Regression is a profound healing journey that shows you your soul’s past experiences in order to release current physical, emotional or spiritual strife. You will understand yourself as much more than your body—You will know you are a magnificent, eternal, spiritual energy.

As you move through various lifetimes, you uncover connections and patterns that may still be active in your current life. These unwanted challenges are transformed and released.

Past Life Regressions bring to light important relationships in your current life, unmasking the root cause of confusing affinity or strife. Such a powerful understanding of your soul’s past connections can instantly heal current relationships at a deep and lasting level.

You will also have access to knowledge, skills and talents you enjoyed in a previous lifetime, giving you a new power and confidence.

Your session is personalized for your specific needs. In our initial conversation all your questions will be answered, leaving you comfortable and ready for this amazing inner expedition.  A light hypnotic trance relaxes you as you are gently guided along your journey through time. You will return relaxed, refreshed and amazed.

How To Have The Best Past Life Experience

Past Life Regression requires you be able to relax deeply. It also requires an ability to put the conscious mind to the side and be fully in the experience.

If you have not experienced meditation or guided inner experiences before, it is highly recommended you become familiar with them before embarking on a Past Life Regression.

The simple way to do this is to download a FREE meditation app and use it daily before your session.

Insight Timer or Calm are good. U-Tube is full of free guided meditation and meditation programs.

Please come prepared for the journey.