A Hero Returns—The Santa Rosa Story

  As a trained Medium, I do not believe in death. My many experiences interpreting messages of those no longer in the physical makes it impossible for me to think physical death is final.  Yet, the loss of a loved one is a painfully real human journey. Kevin West the Third, also known as, K3,* […]


When I was in my forties, I was divorced, depressed and vowing to lose weight. I’d make the mistake of going to the grocery store hungry. The cookie aisle would literally call my name. “Cynthia, Cynthia, crunchy, sweet things……. down this way.”  I’d look at all those brightly colored packages and tell myself I’d just […]


For the first ten days of the bizarre stay-at-home mandate, I mostly slept.  Despite my desire to write the Great American Novel, dominate the internet with my wisdom, clean out my closet or simply pick up the clothes I threw on the floor, I found myself laying in my bed watching Netflix’s “Tiger King”.  Those […]

It’s Interesting–How changing a word can change your experience

If you are coming to Sedona for the first time, or experience different forms of energy healing for the first time, you may feel these things as “strange” or “weird”. For example, clients who come to me for a Past Life Regression, may experience themselves in another era, as another gender and with a completely […]

Should Christians Be Psychics or Healers?

 Wiggling in the pews at my Grandma’s church, I was fascinated by the stained glass images and the colored lights they threw on the walls. My parents didn’t believe in church. But, I loved it. Especially when the stained glass figure of Jesus winked at me and said he loved me.  When I shared this […]

Stress doesn’t harm you-thinking makes it so

Stress doesn’t harm you-thinking makes it so “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” ~ William James Science is just beginning to prove what writers, philosophers and theologians have known throughout the centuries: Thoughts have a critical impact on an individual’s life. Stressful thoughts can take a quiet […]