If you are coming to Sedona for the first time, or experience different forms of energy healing for the first time, you may feel these things as “strange” or “weird”.

For example, clients who come to me for a Past Life Regression, may experience themselves in another era, as another gender and with a completely different life story. It’s like all of a sudden you and your best friend change life histories. You now have their past and they have yours. It’s a totally different experience than you have ever had. 

Many clients say, “Wow, that’s weird”.

Or when receiving Reiki, clients can feel a palpable energy in their bodies, even though the practitioner is not touching them.

They may blurt out, “Wow that’s weird. I can feel that.” 

Sometimes, in order to see how deeply a client is relaxed, I’ll do what’s called a ‘trance test’. I will tell them their eyelids are so heavy they can’t open them, even if they try. Everyone tries to open their eyes at that point, most are unable to, no matter how hard they try.

When the session is over, they say, “That was weird. I couldn’t open my eyes”. 

If I am doing a medium reading for a client, and their loved one that has crossed over tells me something specific, like they had a pair of green cowboy boots, they always exclaim:

“Wow, that’s weird. How did you know that?”

Weird is defined as “something supernatural, strange or uncanny”. It labels something as outside of the realm of normal and can even be used as an insult.

To me, and many of us who have practiced our crafts for years, none of this is weird. It’s ordinary.  It’s scientific. 

In order to receive the full benefit of non-conventional healing modalities, I encourage my clients to remove the word “weird” from their vocabulary because it taints their experience.

Instead, I suggest clients use the phrase “That’s interesting”.  

Even though we may not fully understand the scientific principals of how something works, everything can, or eventually will, be explained by scientific methods. 

I’ve studied the scientific aspects of why hypnosis works. It’s based in human anatomy. When you relax the body and slow down the brain waves, the mind  is more susceptible to positive or neutral suggestions, such as, you won’t be able to open your eyes. 

Quantum physics shows us that everything really is energy. That means you are energy and I am energy. Energy can’t be created or destroyed. 

When someone’s energy  moves out of their physical body, the energy, the essence of who they were, remains.  That energy can communicate to someone who can interpret them, a Medium. That’s how I know about green boots! 

To me, it’s totally understandable. There is nothing strange or bizarre about it. 

How we use language is creative. To be more open to new and deeper experiences in consciousness, it’s helpful to think of them as interesting, in order to remain curious and non-judgmental. 

Everyone’s internal and energetic world  is different. Whatever you experience on your journey in Sedona, it’s will be different from what anyone else experiences. 

And I assure you, it will be interesting.  


Not to mention, healing, enlightening, and life-changing. 

Enjoy Sedona!

Cynthia Beck, MH

Master Hypnotist

Reiki Master




1487 SR 89 A

Sedona, Az 86351