special sessions

Intuitive Coaching

Cynthia uses her intuitive skills, life coach certification and deep listening to help you resolve your challenge. Unlike therapy, intuitive coaching focuses on moving toward a practical solution. There is often no need of more than one session to get you back on track. Sometimes you just need someone out side of friends and family to help you see your situation in a new way.

60 minute session or more

Reiki with Hypnosis

Combining healing of energy with the power of your own subconscious in recognizing and removing energy blocks. This is an active process where the images and blocks in your field are identified by you, as Cynthia recharges and refreshes your energy.

90 minute session

Mediumship Reading with Connect to Loved One Meditation

Our loved ones who have crossed over have a keen interest in staying connect to those of us who remain in the physical. After an Evidential Mediumship reading where Cynthia connects you with others on the other side, she teaches you how to converse with them and experience them in a meditative state. Never feel they are lost to you again.

90 minute session

Develop Your Psychic Gifts

Being interested in the metaphysic and intuitive arts often indicates that you have your own gifts. Cynthia will help you learn how to feel and use crystals, to gather energy from the earth and atmosphere, sage and clear spaces, hold energy in your body, set protection, test your psychic abilities and more. If you have any questions about weird or frightening supernatural experiences, Cynthia will get you on the right spiritual path.

2 Hours

Energy Management for Women

Working in a competitive environment, or taking care of the needs of children, elderly parents and others can drain you of vital energy. Cynthia teaches you how to feel your energy, hold your power, project your energy in the room, clear negativity and how to control your emotions is the most difficult circumstances.

2 Hours