Passing It On

May 6 & 7, 2023

A legacy healing workshop with
Cynthia Beck, Master Hypnotist, Reiki Master, Medium

What it is:

Veteran Master Hypnotist and Healer, Cynthia Beck, MH, will pass down her secrets to a successful healing practice for the new generation of healers in this 16 hour two-day course.

Who should attend:

  • Current Healers
  • Anyone exploring becoming a healer
  • Anyone wanting to know more about healing


Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment
431 SR 179
Suite A6
Sedona, Az 86336

What’s in the course:

Day One

1. Hypnosis
What it is
A simple demonstration
-Now you try it
The Power of Self Hypnosis
Group Past Life Regression

2. Energy and how to use it
Presence-ground in your own energy
How to feel energy in minerals and in others
How to use crystals to remove and restore energy
How to gather and clean your energy
How to feel your client’s energy
How to use your energy in business
How to ground your energy
Clearing attachments, hooks and blocks

Day Two

3. How to make a living as a healer
Things you’ll need to start
How to get your first clients
Professional standards
What to charge
How to market
How to gain confidence

4. Understanding your natural psychic abilities
Scientific evidence for extra sensory abilities
The clars:
Reading others energy
Connecting with others on the other side
Lost Souls—what to do

What’s it cost:

This 16 hour class is only $250 per person