Was Jesus a Psychic and Energy Healer?

 Wiggling in the pews at my Grandma’s church, I was fascinated by the stained glass images and the colored lights they threw on the walls. My parents didn’t believe in church. But, I loved it. Especially when the stained glass figure of Jesus winked at me and said he loved me. 

When I shared this with Grandma, she smiled and said it was just my imagination. “And, please don’t tell your mother or you will not be allowed to go to church again.” I kept my experiences to myself from then on. 

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I loved my Grandmother’s Church

But, they kept happening.

Sitting alone on the granite rock behind our house while my parents screamed at each other, I felt the presence of this smiling man I had come to call Santa Claus. That’s what he felt like to me a jolly, loving spirit. 

My parents couldn’t keep me from church. In our town, it really was ‘Drugs or Jesus’. There was not much else to do. My mother would sit in the car waiting for me on Sunday mornings, reading her New Yorker magazine, parked in front of the Tahoe Christian Center.  She never came in. 

As I matured, I felt a great conflict between the Christ I knew and what I was being told about him. They said that if I didn’t shape up and do what God said, I’d be thrown into the fiery pits of Hell. This definitely did not match up with my experiences or make any sense to me. I drifted a way from churches for a while. 

My Christian friends said the Devil would get me. He didn’t.

In my late 20’s, regular meditation and weekly work with a gifted Spiritual Director brought profound experiences. In deep prayer, I had intimate conversations with Jesus, talks with my Dad on the other side and vivid visuals of lives from long ago I knew to be mine.

My good Christian friends, people I liked and trusted, told me I was playing with the Devil. They worriedly prayed for my soul. They quoted obscure passages from the Old Testament (Leviticus 19:31) Yet, for Christians the commands of the Old Testament are replaced by Jesus’ commands in the New Testament. (John 13:34-45).

When I began to comfort people with my work as a hypnotist, reiki master and medium, I stopped hearing from them, except at Christmas. 

I learned to attend church, lead mission trips, take part in bible studies and sing in the choir without speaking of my work or my spiritual experiences with Jesus. Conversely, I did not share my participation in Christianity with my metaphysical healing friends, lest I be shunned as dogmatic and homophobic, lumped in with the Christians from the Westboro Baptist Church. 

Jesus was a medium and spoke to Moses and Elijah

Becoming familiar with biblical accounts of Jesus’  life, I began to understand that Jesus was a great psychic, medium and spiritual healer. And he commanded that we be, too.

For example:

  1. He went to the mountain where he held a discussion with long-dead Moses and Elijah. This conversation was witnessed by the disciples Peter, James and John. (Matthew 17)

   By definition, this makes Jesus an Evidential Medium. 

  1. He sat with the marginalized woman at the well. He told her all about her past, the men she had married, slept with and her sins. He knew things about her no one had told him, that he could otherwise not have known. (John 4:29)

   By definition, that makes Jesus a gifted Psychic.

  1. He brought his good friend Lazarus back from the dead. He literally commanded the energy of Lazarus( i.e. his soul) to come back into a dead body. (John 11:1-44)
Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead

By definition, that makes Jesus an incredible Energy Healer.

  1. After dying a painful and humiliating death, Jesus was seen walking around in a body that had been rotting for three days. (Luke 24:1-53)

   By definition, Jesus was Re-Incarnated.

  1. When the disciples were shocked as he commanded the Fig tree to wither, he told them   
  2. if they had enough faith they could do what he had done and much more. (Matthew 21:2

   By definition, Jesus commands us to be Mediums, Psychics and Energy Healers.

Now, I am certain some Evangelical Biblical Scholar would call me an uneducated heretic or an Atheistic Freudian Psychiatrist would label me delusional.  

And, they might be right. 

Heart on the beach

Yet the only thing for any thoughtful individual to do is trust their own experiences. Mine teach me that:

  1. Jesus spoke Love 
  2. Jesus used Love to heal
  3. Jesus WAS Love
  4. I am  Love, too
  5. I am called to do as he did

Many of my clients are both Christian and interested in metaphysics, but would never say so publicly. There is no longer any conflict in my mind about my work as a metaphysical healer and my Christianity. It’s time to stop condemning each other and honor love.

Only death holds the real answers. For life, I choose love. 

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Jesus COMMANDS us to heal, prophesy and transfigure ourselves and others