Limited Beliefs


Maybe you’ve tried dieting and had limited success. Perhaps you’re not aware that you are thinking: “Everyone in my family is fat”, “No diet ever works for long”, or “It’s not safe to be thin”. This audio helps you get to the heart of the beliefs that limit your weight loss and change can them forever. $19.00.

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Weight loss is more than just sticking to an eating program. It’s learning to appreciate your body, to change limiting beliefs and to learn how to love yourself enough to keep at it.

In each of the 25-30 minute audios, you’ll have the tools you need to reach your weight loss goals. Each audio gives you a different relaxation process, providing you with several ways to take your body out of fight or flight mode. Digging deeper into your unconscious mind, the series changes the way you think and feel about your body. Each audio ends with specific suggestions to change your eating and workout habits.

Order one or the wholes series. In a One-On-One session, this package would cost more that $1,000. These audio downloads are now just $99 for all six, or $19.99 each.


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